Maestro Roshan Bhartiya – Sitarist

Maestro Roshan Bhartiya is an internationally known master sitarist with nearly 50 years of experience as a performer and educator. He has performed all over the world and currently resides in Denver, CO

Roshan Bhartiya is available for concerts, sitar lessons, workshops and seminars in Denver, Colorado and throughout the west.

Contact Roshan at:
Phone: (720) 771-6239

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As one of India‚Äôs premier sitarists he has contributed significantly as a cultural ambassador, to heightening awareness of this great music in our community and has become a highly respected figure here to music lovers and students alike. B.D.

I had the distinct pleasure of teaching alongside Roshan at Naropa University. I found him to be am exceptional teacher, guiding American students through the fundamentals of Indian classical music with a gentle hand. Owing to his exuberant and joyful approach, students very quickly emboided the most challenging musical techinques and phrases. C. H.

I have known and worked with Roshan since 2004 in many different capacities including many public performances all around the US and as a teacher for both Universities and private classes. His lineage is from a profound line of musicians and has lived his entire life immersed in the music of India. He is a rare example of a senior musician of that tradition who, from experience, knows the music & culture of music from the inside and can both perform at the highest level as well as teach every detail of the tradition. T. B.